really simple slides with Markdown

by Peter Eisentraut

Before we start

But why?

Other presentation tools

I like writing, but producing slides is giving me angst. Before every conference, I try a new tool, without much success.

Some things I have tried

This is still a respectable tool, but we can do better.

Some things I have tried

I like the idea of standardized markup, but the implementation is dated and hard to work with.

Some things I have tried

Gets the job done, but not what I’m aiming for.

Some things I have tried

This was the right idea, but it kept breaking.

Some things I have tried

Again, right idea, but it shouldn’t be that complicated.

I don’t ask for much

No dependencies

Standardized formats

It’s not that hard!

= complete presentation tool


source of this presentation

Little code, lots of features

Source code highlighting

example with highlight.js:

# a comment
if i > 0
  puts "positive"

Not supported/not planned

I have never seen Al Gore or Steve Jobs use speaker notes. Just sayin’.

Final remark



Good bye